North Carolina actually BRAGGING about REAL ID compliance!

Shameful. Just shameful.

At a time when other states, including our neighbor South Carolina, are resisting the anti-American, anti-freedom REAL ID Act, North Carolina is actually bragging about being among the first to comply with it. Phillip Rhodes blogs about it here:

[T]here is no doubt that North Carolina and it’s people have a long history of embracing Freedom and Liberty as core values. Now however, we see that corruption and decay have reduced this once proud state to a level where state official are *bragging* about their compliance with a totalitarian National ID law passed by the Federal government in 2005.

He’s right. And to think, this is the state that was the first to stand up to the British oppression with the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence on 20 May 1775 (and even if you dispute that, there’s the Mecklenburg Resolves 11 days later), the Tryon Declaration on 14 August (I’m directly descended from one of the signers), and the Halifax Resolves on 12 April the following year. Also, our main delegate to Congress, Joseph Hewes, was one of the biggest driving forces behind the push for independence, despite his inaccurate portrayal in the otherwise excellent 1776.

We’ve been sinking into Socialism for a good number of years now. With REAL ID, we go into Communism and “papers, please.” It’s high time we woke up, remembered our legacy and heritage, and did something about it.

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