Don’t sell out your liberty!

To help raise money for my campaign, I’ve opened up an online shop. There, you can buy bumper stickers to promote my candidacy, Vote Libertarian hats and stickers, and (pictured here) the Presidents Wall Clock. None of these items are available anywhere else! They’re all my original designs. I get a few bucks from each sale which will go to my candidacy. So buy stuff! Don’t sell out your liberties! Support the Libertarian Party and your local candidates.

It’s now official

This morning I filed with the Lincoln County Board of Elections as a candidate for the 2004 Libertarian Primary election for County Commissioner. If I win the primary (which seems likely, since to my knowledge I’m the only Libertarian filing and there are three open slots) then it’s on to the November campaign. I hope to add an Issues page to my website soon, so keep a watch on the left hand side. I plan to skewer my usual target, zoning, and I am also going to have a lot to say about accountability on the Board of Commissioners.

I just can’t make this stuff up!

Man, it seems like government gets more and more ridiculous all the time. According to this story in The Register, a 15-year-old girl was arrested with possession and distribution of child pornography after she she posted naked and sexy pictures of herself to online chat rooms. Most hilariously, she’s also been charged with the sexual abuse of a minor; in other words, she sexually abused herself!

Just like the War on Drugs, government is going to amazing lengths to support its delusions by denying reality. Nothing at all will be done to make any progress in this area until we admit that postpubescent minors are sexual creatures just as adults are and change our policies accordingly.

Hey, anyone wanna take any bets that she’ll be tried as an adult?