Who I’m Voting For

Once again, it’s time to go over the Lincoln County sample ballot and select my picks for the people who are going to pretend to be in charge of things for awhile. We’ll start at the top:

President: Bob Barr. He’s not ideal–not only is he not Libertarian ideal (despite his party affiliation), he’s not even Ron Paul ideal, and if you’d told me in 2002 I’d be voting for him for President I’d have laughed in your face–but he is a darn sight better than either of those other two bozos. Plus, a vote for Bob Barr is a vote for ballot access for Libertarians in North Carolina.

US Senate: Christopher Cole. Great guy. I never have any qualms about voting for him.

US House: This was tough. Not that I was ever considering voting for McHenry, but the choice was Daniel Johnson or nobody. In the end, I figure the Democrats need all the help they can in this
district, so I’m voting for Johnson. (Why, oh why couldn’t I live in BJ Lawson’s district?)

Governor: No question about it, Mike Munger. He owned the debates. My favorite was when, after McCrory and Perdue had given their usual non-answers (can Purdue say anything other than a string of sound bites?) he began an answer with, "Well, I’m actually going to answer the question…" He was the only candidate putting forth specific solutions for the problems facing North Carolina, and he did it without compromising his Libertarian principles or coming across as a radical. See? It can be done!

Lt. Governor: Phillip Rhodes. Like Chris Cole above, no qualms whatsoever. Great Libertarian, great guy.

Lesser offices below the fold.

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