Ron Paul: Educating Rudy

Ron Paul gives Rudy Giuliani a “summer reading list.” Brilliant! If Giuliani doesn’t understand “blowback,” he has no business being President.

And despite the fact that his name “barely makes a blip in the early polling,” his Alexa web rankings are higher than that of the three so-called “front-runners,” in reach, rank, and page views. Go, Ron, go!

Some thoughts about the Republican debate

First of all, Fox News obviously stacked the audience and had biased moderators. They should have said, “We ask you to hold your applause, unless a candidate says something we agree with.” They also talked one-on-one with Giuliani after the debates so he could take more shots at Ron Paul, without giving Paul a chance to respond.

“Fair and balanced”…yeah, right!

Folks, Ron Paul is exactly right. If you go messing with a hornet’s nest, you’re going to get stung. Press members from different sources have actually gone over there and interviewed people, asking what their beef with the US is. Not a single one of them mention our wealth and freedom, as Giuliani and the neo-cons so desperately cling to. They all talk about our foreign policy, and our troops over there in their country.

Paul was 100% correct: How would we feel if China came and did the same thing to us? Giuliani completely avoided answering that. He kept saying that he couldn’t believe another Republican was saying we “had it coming.”

Look at it this way: if there’s a criminal gang, really nasty people, ready to resort to violence, and you run over there and start poking them with a stick, and then run away, they might very well chase you down and kill you. Would it be murder for them to do so? Absolutely. Should they be tried and imprisoned for their actions? Absolutely! Were you completely and utterly stupid for poking them with a stick in the first place? Absolutely!!!

All of the rhetoric that came out of the other Republicans was straight out of the cold war propaganda I grew up with; just do a search-and-replace and change “communist” to “terrorist.” It’s the same story, the same propaganda, the same lies.

If Republicans have even an ounce of integrity left, they’ll ditch the propaganda, the pandering, the jingoism, and the lies, and support Ron Paul 100%.

And the Democrats and Libertarians would do well to do the same.

EDIT: You can watch the relevant bit of video from the debate here.

EDIT AGAIN: I see on YouTube they did talk briefly with Paul afterwards. They just didn’t put that video up on their site. You can watch it here.

They were also perplexed by Ron Paul leading and then placing second in their poll. Hannity and the others were trying to spin, spin, spin, saying that the 30% of the 40,000 people who voted were the few Paul supporters just getting the word out. Yeah, that’s right, the very few 12,000 people who voted for Paul…basic math, anyone? Hey, Hannity, you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, not very many people agree with you? Watch them try to figure out some reason other than Paul being right and his message resonating with people here.

One more bit of news: Lots of Republican Party high-fliers are circulating petitions to try and ban Ron Paul from future debates. Put it all together, and they’re not acting like people who are dealing with a nutcase who doesn’t know what he’s talking about; they’re acting like people scared to death that there’s actually someone exposing their propaganda for what it is.


Ron Paul for President

The thing is, I just don’t like the looks of any of the Libertarian candidates thus far. Fortunately, Ron Paul, who’s a libertarian but has been elected to the House over and over again as a Republican, is seeking the Republican nomination for President. Barring some dream candidate coming in and taking the Libertarian nomination, I’m 100% behind Dr. Paul. If you want to know why, here’s a short video I made with his comments from the recent debate as well as some facts from his record in Congress:

Another amazingly accurate horoscope!

Today, I happened to glance at the top of the horoscopes in the Charlotte Observer and I read this:

…[Y]ou’ll encounter confusion. You’ll also become acquainted with delusion and misunderstanding.

Of course, if they’re reading their horoscope for anything but yuks, they already are acquainted with delusion and misunderstanding–for that’s all astrology is!