“Free Talk Live” on Minimum Wage/Jury Nullification

There have been another couple of episodes of Free Talk Live dealing pretty in-depth with some very important issues.

The first issue deals with minimum wage and how it ends up hurting those it purports to help. Minimum wage laws cause unemployment, a fact that is so well-accepted in economic circles it’s taught in most introductory Macroeconomics courses, and has been backed up by numerous studies. Nonetheless, many people in government (and their apologists) continue to deny the harm that this is causing. The Free Talk Live hosts discussed this at lenth on their Feb. 8th show, in the last part of the second hour and the full third hour. (Both links are to .mp3 files, the first 1.5MB and the second 5.5MB)

The second is Jury Nullification, one of our basic rights and a very important check on the power of government dating back to even before the founding of this country. Both John Adams and Alexander Hamilton argued cases on the basis of Jury Nullification, and chief justice John Jay ruled from the bench that juries have this right. In short, if you’re on a jury and you all decide to vote "not guilty" because the law stinks, that verdict cannot be questioned by any court and no punishment can be levied against the jurors. The hosts of Free Talk Live discussed the subject in-depth on their Feb. 9th show, in most of the second hour and the full third hour. (Both links are to .mp3 files, the first 4.1MB and the second 5.5MB)

I love this show. You can tell, can’t you?

Happy listening!

Lots of good zoning information

It’s no secret how I feel about zoning. Zoning doesn’t work, it’s a severe abrogation of property rights, it doesn’t solve a single problem, it stifles the economy, and it creates bad neighbors. Recently, one of my favorite radio shows, Free Talk Live, dedicated an entire show to zoning, presenting arguments and all sorts of good information showing why zoning is awful and should be abolished. The show originally aired on 1/22/05 for two hours. You can listen to the first hour here and the second hour here. Both files are .mp3 files, about 5.4MB, and about 45 minutes in length.

If you listen to both hours of this show and you’re still in favor of zoning, please email me and explain how that can possibly be the case.