Even more North Carolinians vote Libertarian!

In 2004, I calculated that a bare minimum of 129,717 North Carolina voters cast a vote for at least one Libertarian on the ballot. I achieved this by taking the largest vote total for us statewide (Christopher Cole for Lt. Governor), looking at counties where a Libertarian received more votes, and adding those to the total after subtracting Cole’s votes for that county.

I just did that again for our 2008 totals. This time, it was Mark McMains, who ran for Commissioner of Insurance, who garnered the most votes statewide (153,515). Using the same method, I have calculated the minimum number of North Carolina voters who voted for at least one balloted Libertarian. Caveats and analysis are below the fold, but I’ll go ahead and give you the total:


Again, these are unique votes for at least one balloted Libertarian, and is a minimum. The real number is certainly higher, although there’s no way to tell by how much.

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