A fake doctor comes to town

This weekend, a man by the name of "Dr." Kent Hovind will be speaking at Westport Baptist Church. He’s a Creationist–but he’s really a dishonest politico posing as a Christian man in order to manipulate people of faith into furthering his own agenda. I put "Dr." in quotes because his degree is a fraud; he obtained it from a diploma mill.

For years he has had a $250,000 challenge for anyone coming forward providing evidence that evolution is a scientific fact. However, he stacks the deck by defining evolution in a way that no scientist would agree is accurate. He persists in this even after having been corrected by many reputable scientists. That isn’t a difference of opinion, folks, and that isn’t part of rational debate. That’s lying.

As is his insistence on giving out false information, long ago refuted, about carbon dating, horse evolution, whale evoltion, DNA, and how the human body works. Again, many reputable scientists have corrected him on his misinformation, and still he continues to spread this dishonesty.

This man is a humbug who is thought to be an embarassment even by many ofhis fellow Creationists. He spreads lies about what the theory of evolution says, he deliberately misleads people as to what the scientific data is, and all the while rakes in the dough from people who don’t have the benefit of a proper educational grounding in science.

People like Hovind make me sick. While we’re trying to progress into the 21st Century, they’re trying to pull us back to the 16th. If you want to know more about why Hovind is dishonest and shouldn’t be taken seriously, you can go to this internet FAQ.