Vote Badnarik for President

Wow, what a convention! I was a delegate to the 2004 Libertarian Party convention. We finally managed to nominate a candidate! The three main contendors were Aaron Russo, Michael Badnarik, and Gary Nolan, and in the first vote out of over 800 delegates only twelve votes separated the three of them. They were all fantastic candidates. After five hours of voting and run-off voting, we pared it down to Badnarik, which is very surprising since he was trailing so far behind Russo and Nolan prior to the convention.

No doubt, what turned it around for him was the debate. Even the hardcore Nolan and Russo supporters agreed he won hands-down. I really wantto see him debate Bush and Kerry. He’ll put them both to shame. Give him a few minutes with people and he’ll make them Libertarians.

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