I HAVE to recommend this movie

I just saw a movie that, in my opinion, every single American should see.

But before I tell you the title of the movie, I want you to remember who you’re dealing with here. I’m a skeptic. I produce Bogosity. I wrote the SkepticWiki entry on the 9/11 conspiracies.
I have no time for conspiracy theories, and nothing but disgust for
those who would crap all over the 3,000 lives lost just for the sake of
spreading them.

Let me be clear: I would never, never, never, ever
recommend viewing any movie that supported or even suggested any
9/11-was-an-inside-job crap.

With that out of the way, here’s the name of the movie:

9/11: Press For Truth

look at me that way. I know what you’re thinking, because I thought the
same thing when I first saw the title. But please remember who you’re
dealing with here. This is not a movie that claims in any way that 9/11
was an inside job or supports any related conspiracy theory.

it does do is show, quite brilliantly, using direct sources from the
news, how our government’s incompetence failed to protect us, when
(although they insist otherwise) they had all of the information needed
to stop it. When we needed Torchwood, we got the Keystone Cops.

than that, those in the government who should have been held
responsible avoided accountability every chance they got and resisted
the 9/11 Commission’s investigation. Even Bush and Cheney refused to
testify under oath, insisting that they testify together so that they
could support each other (and maybe make sure their story was

It focuses on the “Jersey Girls,” wives of men whose
lives were lost in the attacks. These brave women, along with others,
fought Washington–and won!–to investigate not only the attacks, but
what policies of our government led up to the attacks and their failure
to do their jobs, only to have the 9/11 commission fail to answer most
of their questions.

I promise you, no conspiracy mongering.

Watch the video. Those who failed us must be held accountable.

4 thoughts on “I HAVE to recommend this movie

    • Because every piece of scientific evidence, every scientific investigation, every peer-reviewed paper published, says they were planes. Witnesses saw planes, there are videos of planes, the debris is from planes, and they match the configurations of 757/767s. One blurry picture on a website is not enough to trump all of that.

      Instead of putting your energy into this conspiracy nonsense, why don’t you watch the movie I recommend, and put your energy into making our government cooperate with a proper investigation? That would be much more fruitful, and much more conducive towards increasing liberty.

  1. Insults like “nonsense” aside–it’s actually quite sensible to say a photo does or doesn’t look like a certain thing–cameras are witnesses too. In fact they are much more reliable than humans, who have agendas and fallible memories. No frame at missilegate.com looks like even a blurry 767 to me. The flash frame is just the most dramatic. Where have these alleged experts of yours ever shown an undisputed 767 photo, say from airliners.com, that resembles any frame of the Naudet 1st Hit?

    The 2nd Hit vids do superficially appear to show planes, but the crash physics are impossible except for maybe a hologram or cartoon. The thing should have either broken on impact or else come out the other side. Most of it was still outside the Tower when the alleged nose would have hit the Core which you have told me was the decisive stopping mechanism.

    Then there are the dozens of unidentified flying objects in S11 footage noticed by me and many others, which do things like cast shadows toward the sun, and white shadows, and duplicate and triplicate themselves, and toggle between dark black and bright white, which I’m sure your experts have never said anything about.

    It hurts to know that someone like you who is otherwise so consistently dedicated to defending my liberty, is so adamant that I should shut up and stop raising my questions about S11, and so insulting about me when I do, as if I am really out to piss on victims’ graves instead of honestly exploring the truth of evidence as I see it.


  2. “the debris is from planes” ??

    The alleged 2nd Hit “plane” debris at Church & Murray “landed” UNDER an UNdamaged awning. And left no mark on the pavement. And the yellow caution tape around it is already visible in the background of pedestrian reaction footage shot EARLIER, during the FIRST Hit.

    And where is even one witness statement about the debris actually landing, on a busy downtown Manhattan street corner?
    Did it not kill anyone, or at least come close?

    I respectfully submit for consideration that this stuff was pre-planted, behind construction scaffolding and yellow caution tape that kept people away, and then unveiled in the chaos after the 2nd Hit, which did not really involve an airplane.


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