Meeting Jack Stratton

I had the pleasure tonight of meeting Jack Stratton, Libertarian candidate for Mecklenburg County Commissioner, at the Meck Co. LP meeting. He has gained a lot of notice around Charlotte ever since the Department of Social Services removed his ten children from his and his wife’s home. Not only were the charges against them bogus, one of their children was sexually abused while in the custody of DSS–and now they’re refusing to let him go home even though he’s now over the age of 18. Go to Jack Stratton’s website and read up on the whole situation. He has, verbatim, judge’s comments, grand jury reports, court transcripts, more than enough documentation to convince a skeptic. This is not a child abuser trying to escape justice, and this is not a nutball conspiracy theorist. This is a man whose children have been stolen and abused by the government, and he needs all the support people can give them. Go get ’em, Jack!

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