I guess moving to a new server every three years isn’t a bad thing…except, in this case, I’m no longer on a Linux box and on Windows instead (waaah!), and no more PHP scripting; only ASP is available (double waaah!), but it’s really not so bad. I’ve got a bigger pipe, access to a nice, huge database, and a host of other advantages.

Since I was having to translate all of the code anyway, I took advantage of the server move to make a lot of changes. You’ll notice that the site pretty much looks the same, except I think the blog is a little more nicely formatted. And did you notice? Comments! You can now post comments at the bottom of every blog entry. It’s nice to get feedback from the visitors to your site, so this was a welcome addition. I deliberately did not give myself the ability to edit the comments that people write, since I wanted to avoid the appearance of censorship. I can delete comments, however, and will do so if people abuse the system, though flooding, posting links to illegal material such as viruses, etc. (the links won’t be live anyway). Somehow, I don’t think that’ll be a problem with the people who come here. Please don’t prove me wrong on that.

Oh, and the whole site is now made with XHTML 1.0. It’s also a bit sleeker under the hood. But, for the most part, the site is pretty much as it has been for years. Enjoy!

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