Ron Paul raises over $1 million in 7 days!

In 2004, Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik raised a little over $1 million for the entire election cycle. Now, Ron Paul has raised the same amount in a week, all from grassroots supporters, with the same Libertarian message–but with a lot more national attention.

Now do you see why they work so hard to keep Libertarians off the ballot? Now do you see why they try to exclude us from the debates and marginalize us in the media? Dr. Paul has experienced this; several Republicans said he shouldn’t be in the debates, the mainstream press still calls him a marginal candidate (when by any objective measurement he’s the frontrunner of frontrunners), and Sean Hannity still claims his support comes from a few online “spammers.”

They don’t believe this. They never believed this. They know full well the truth, which should be obvious to anyone by now: Libertarians are a threat. We’re a threat to big government and corporations who have been sucking off the teat of the people for far too long now. But when people are exposed to the Libertarian message in a forum where the voice is given equal time, look what happens.

One million dollars in one week–all from regular voters, without one penny of big corporate or special interest money.

The Ron Paul Revolution is happening…regardless of whether or not it’ll be televised.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul raises over $1 million in 7 days!

  1. “It’s the same people spamming the donations in, over and over again, that’s all.”

    Um, no, donations can’t be spammed repeatedly, each one costs its whole value, and if you donate again you’re not spamming, you’re donating NEW money. This is not like the same person spamming a poll with repeated Yesses or Noes, which cost no money.

    I view it as a good sign that Ron is gaining traction, even though I don’t endorse him (since he voted for the Afghan war and works for home-district pork and wants to harass peaceful honest immigrants).

    An AP story in the paper today said:

    “In a surprise to the GOP field, anti-war Republican Ron Paul raised $5 million in the third quarter and has $5.3 million cash on hand, more than McCain. Paul’s opposition to the war has mobilized an avid Internet base of support for his long-shot candidacy.”

    Translation: “Y’ALL don’t REALLY support this guy whom WE call a long-shot, DO you?”

    Ray Ubinger
    Durham NC

    • First of all, I’m sure LK was kidding…second, you can’t even spam the polls they say we were spamming. It has been proven to be impossible to send more than one vote via text to the Fox News debate polls. Sean Hannity, who probably knew this anyway, has been informed of this via a massive email campaign…and still hasn’t retracted it.

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