Restoring Habeas Corpus

It looks like Congress is going to act to restore habeas corpus. The fact that I even had to write that sentence would make our founders, had they the ability, moan so loudly from beyond the grave it would shatter every window in the country. How much worse is it that some Republicans say they’ll vote against restoring it? Without habeas corpus, you have no other rights.

Here’s a very good news report explaining why:

6 thoughts on “Restoring Habeas Corpus

  1. You can just see the neocon nutjubs angrily yelling at the TV over that “left-wing bias” reporting.

  2. Habeas corpus remains a freedom of the individual no matter what action government takes.

    It is interesting that no one has yet challenged the military commissions act on the grounds that Congress may only suspend habeas corpus in the event of actual invasion or actual rebellion. If either of these pertain at present, I should like to know which?

  3. I apologize since this is somewhat (ahem totally) unrelated, but I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your bogosity series. Despite the videos causing strange looks from my coworkers as I laugh uproariously, your series has really inspired me to fight all this…crap! Thank you for your thoughtful and funny work.

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