Ron Paul: Educating Rudy

Ron Paul gives Rudy Giuliani a “summer reading list.” Brilliant! If Giuliani doesn’t understand “blowback,” he has no business being President.

And despite the fact that his name “barely makes a blip in the early polling,” his Alexa web rankings are higher than that of the three so-called “front-runners,” in reach, rank, and page views. Go, Ron, go!

1 thought on “Ron Paul: Educating Rudy

  1. You know, the most dangerous things to America itself isn’t so much “terrorists” as it is the politicians that help produce them.

    I’d like to see Giuliani critically confronted on camera over foreign policy. It’d be nice to see him embarrassed and flustered over this issue instead of being applauded.

    Rudy’s popularity in the polls is also incredible as the guy has no qualifications and is a sleezebag. I survived 9/11 too, maybe that makes me qualified to run for office?

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