A wonderful letter from an EMT

In my update video, I mention a letter I got from one of the EMTs who helped my children. I mentioned that I was going to see if she’d let me post the letter here on my website. She said she would be honored. That made me feel really good.

Continue reading to see her letter.

Dear Mr. Killian:

My name is Lori [last name withheld]. l am a paramedic with Camden Clark Memorial Hospital in Parkersburg, WV. I am writing to you to ask how you and your children are doing after your accident in December 2004. I was one of the first medical personnel on scene that night. My partner, Steve, and l were in Mineral Wells clearing from a call when 9-1-1 dispatched EMS for the accident. We were covering another zone and decided to mark up and go enroute in case we were needed. When we arrived on scene, we quickly discovered we were very much needed.

When I got out of our truck, l noticed my friend and fellow EMT, Debbie, standing on the side on the interstate holding a child. That child turned out to be Sinclair. We immediately took him on the back of the truck and she helped me assess his injuries. He was very upset, understandably, and disoriented. But, he was so good with us. He calmed down and let us do what we needed to do to help him. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a movement. I turned to see what it was and it was Steve running towards our truck carrying another child, Aleena. He climbed into our truck and we laid her on the cot with Sinclair. We began to stabilize her as well and by that time, more ambulances had arrived. We yelled to one of them and turned Aleena over to them for additional care and transport.

During this time, Sinclair had calmed down a lot and was starting to become less confused. He did very well with Debbie while I was working with Aleena. Steve and I took over care of Sinclair. He was so good with us. He let me start an IV on him and we secured him to a backboard to protect his spine during transport. All the while he kept saying he was ok and I had told him my name and he listened to me when I was telling him what we were doing to him.

Sinclair does this whenever he’s hurt. I guess it’s just something about his autism; I don’t know if he’s trying to reassure himself or others or if he just doesn’t want people messing with the part that’s hurt. He’s been injured before (although not this seriously), and he’s always repeated “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Anyway, back to the letter:

After I had done all I could for him medically and we were enroute to the hospital, my mothering instinct took over and I got on the floor by the stretcher and just held Sinclair and told him everything would be alright. He was still telling me he was ok. When he held onto my hand, he also captured my heart. I have a son, Chris, who is 12 and of course, I thought of him at that time. This call was also my first traumatic call involving children so it was pretty emotional.

When we got to the hospital, it was a flurry of activity as the doctors were assessing Sinclair and they were taking x-rays. But, I stayed with Sinclair, holding his hand for the longest time until they took him to have a CT Scan. After that, I realized I had to leave and get home to my son. I hated to leave Sinclair there but I left him in the good hands of Teresa Criss, Chaplain at the hospital. He seemed to take to her and do well.

I remember the Chaplain well. She was really good, I liked her a lot. My religious beliefs (or lack thereof) were fine with her and having her there was a great source of comfort. I was just floored by how good the people at the Parkersburg hospital were. She left Sinclair in very good hands.

I went home that night and held my own son and the next day, I told him about Sinclair and we made sure to pray for your family.

I do not Know where you all were heading that night and we will never know just why this happened. But, I have thought of your family often and I needed to write to see how everything was going. I wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss and have prayed that you and the children are healing. I know it may be a lot to ask for a response, but if you could let me know how things are going, I would be overjoyed. I think in any traumatic situation, there has to be some kind of closure and knowing all is well, or at least on the mend, I will feel better. I will give you my email address: [withheld] or you can drop me a line and send to: [withheld]

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you. If not, that’s ok and I will understand.

As I said, it’s a really good world with really good people in it. The Loris and Teresas of this world far outweigh the drunk drivers.

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