81% vote against new tax!

I’m feeling a bit more faith in my home county. Yesterday, 81% of Lincoln County voters rejected the Special Tax Referendum, which would have imposed an additional 5 cents per $100 on property taxes, ostensibly for recreation facilities. Ordinarily, referenda pass almost blindly, usually by a landslide. Not this year. So, now will our commissioners and other Lincoln County officials finally get the idea that we don’t like being taxed as much as we are?

Also, Lincoln County voters defeated the Districting referendum by almost 60%. I’m so glad my fellow residents saw through the fraud that districting comprises. I can understand the appeal of districting, and how it seems to be a more fair way of doing things, but considering that we hadn’t even voted on it and the proposed districts were already gerrymandered, it seems that this referendum is best left dead.

You can see the election results for Lincoln County here.

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