Why Sylvia Browne Is No Psychic

Sylvia Browne, one of those "Talking to the Dead" hacks, was on Larry King Live last Friday and I just had to share one of the calls with you. If any of you had any doubts remaining that these people aren’t doing what they claim, let this put them to rest. Listen for yourself (212K mp3 file).

Her, John Edward, James Van Praagh, and all of those other "psychics" are just preying on the grieving and the vulnerable. Their techniques are that of cold reading, and it’s not even good cold reading. I’ve seen stage magicians, who admit that it’s just a trick, do the exact same thing with a skill that puts these people to shame. You may be grieving, but you don’t have to be vulnerable. Protect yourself and your loved ones from these frauds.

3 thoughts on “Why Sylvia Browne Is No Psychic

  1. Awhile back, I posted a blog entry showing why Syliva Browne is no psychic, with an audio file of one call from her appearance on Larry King Live on 7 December 03. Here, she tries to convince a caller that her mother has died when she is clearly alive. It

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