Where did I go? I was just here…

What? It’s been over six months since my last blog entry? Geez…well, I guess falling in love, getting custody of the kids, and getting married all at the same time will cause someone to drop out of the loop a bit.

When’s the next update? Who knows? I need sleep…

2 thoughts on “Where did I go? I was just here…

  1. am glad you “met” michael and “chatted” about about skyline back in ’03. was doing a bit of research when i found that banter on the randi forum. “demented”, eh? okay.. i’ll admit to being off-the-wall, it’s needed to keep sanity. also, i never hacked the gtp game, would just look at the code trying to learn what made it tick -lynne

  2. wow sounds like a happy 6 months. Lucky kids, lucky girl and lucky you!

    All my best wishes to a terrific guy.


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