Tell Congress NOT to lift the Federal debt ceiling

Geez…Our Federal debt is already $7.5 trillion, and the "fiscally responsible" "small government" "conservative" Republicans who have control of Congress want to vote to make it even bigger!

Enough is enough. This borrow-and-spend Congress is sending us spiralling into perpetual debt. The interest on the national debt is becoming a larger and larger portion of the Federal budget. Government is robbing businesses of capital which could be used to revive the economy and create higher-paying jobs. And they’re sacrificing our future to satisfy their spending habits today.

Fortunately, gives us a very good way to speak out to our representatives. If you don’t think that Congress should raise the debt ceiling yet again, it’s very easy to voice your opinion by clicking here. You don’t have to create a user to send the message, although it does make it easier if you want to go back and send messages on other topics. And, of course, you can write to your representatives in Congress any time you want by typing in your ZIP code at the box on the right side of this page, under "Contact Congress," and clicking "Go."

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