About Shane Killian

Shane Killian was born and raised in Denver, NC and now lives in the Catawba Springs township with his two children, Sinclair and Aleena, whom he adores greatly. He is a freelance videographer and editor who has worked on everything from television commercials to political campaigns. He is a computer professional who has taught many people about alternative operating systems and how they can secure their computer networks.

Shane was born July 31, 1968 to Fred and Ernestine Killian. His uncle, Lee Beatty Killian, was chief of the Denver Volunteer Fire Department for decades. He was educated at East Lincoln High School where he was a member of the Marching Mustang Band for four years. He graduated cum laude on the National Dean’s List with a bachelor’s degree from St. Andrews Presbyterian College, where he received a well-rounded education in art, music, science, politics, and religion.

Shane is a musician who can play piano, guitar, and bass. His musical tastes—both listening and performing—range from Beethoven to Khachaturian to Billy Joel to They Might Be Giants to Smash Mouth.

Shane has always been an outspoken proponent of liberty. He has gained recognition on the Internet for his Computer Code Hoedown, which he wrote and recorded to protest a Federal court ruling that computer code wasn’t protected speech under the First Amendment, and which was banned from MP3.com. He is a member of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and currently holds the position of Chair of the Judicial Committee. In 2004 and 2012 he was selected as a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention. He has received six Lights of Liberty awards plus a 2004 Trifecta award from the Advocates for Self-Government.

Aside from his political interests, Shane is a proud skeptic who loves learning about science and approaching all subjects, including politics, from a rational, skeptical viewpoint. He loves debunking claims of paranormal psychic powers, including talking with the dead, bending spoons with the mind, and foreseeing the future. He created the web series Bogosity and its accompanying podcast to raise awareness of irrational thinking in all walks of American life.

One thought on “About Shane Killian

  1. Hi Shane:

    You have produced some really well presented videos on the Constitution, Money, Evolution/creation and Herd Immunity, all of which I share and refer to often.

    If you’re taking requests, there is a topic about which there is so much misinformation, myth and bogosity, that it’s difficult to get a straight answer…and that is the “write-in” ballot.

    Would you consider doing a video that explains what the write-in space is for…and what it’s not?

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